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Affordable Online Courses in ICT Trends

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ICT Trends now offers some online courses at resonably affordable price and we truly appreciate the value it departs. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home and in your convenient time.

"It is truly a huge waste of time to reach up to the class and back home. To attend a class of one hour, I need to travel one and half hour bus ride. Online classes simply waived off the wastage time allowing me to focus more on learning and practicing!" - Ramila.

There are many happy members of ICT Trends who share the views of Ramila. Undoubtly, the best method to learn is to get reliable and most relevant study materials, mechanisms to test yourself and grade properly, and access to qualified instructor in case of any confusion and queries.


Computer Operator Preparation - PowerPoint Started after MS Access

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Over the last week, we've discussed on different aspects of MS Access and attempted a few sample MCQ tests as well. Today a mock up test is going on in ICT Trends Quiz site.

From today, we are moving to MS PowerPoint that is prescribed on syllabus of Computer Operator (Public Service Commission). You are already asked to download two PDF files. They will be helpful to revise the topic and prepare for practice tests. We'll have a mock up exam on PowerPoint on 8th Chaitra 2067 (i.e. 22 March 2011).

Here I point out our footsteps if you missed or joining just now:

1. The Session: Find here what we are doing and how we are working to help you prepare exam.

2. The Schedule: You will find a tentative time schedule. Be informed what we will do on what date! 

3. How to Attempt Practice Quiz: Go through this tutorial once so that you won't waste time when attempting practice quizes.

Microsoft Access

4. Download MS Access ebooks: Download these ebooks and read them thoroughly. These notes are close to the syllabus and very helpful to grasp the necessary concepts.

5. Things to remember about MS Access : This is an article that reminds you of the things you should remember about MS Access Tables.

6. DDL, DCL and DML: Ronish sent me a question asking to clarify DDL, DCL and DML. I tried to answer his questions in this post.

6. Attempt Access Practice Quiz: We have four sets of Practice Test that offer you four options on each question where one and only one option is correct answer. You are given one minute time for each question. Each set contains 20 questions from Microsoft Access. Think properly and answer each question. 

You need to register in the site to attempt any quiz.


How to attempt MCQ Test

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This post will guide you in steps so that you can attempt all the multiple choice questions practice quiz without any problem.

Make a search if you did not find a link directly from here. The search is customized and results are displayed only from PS Exam and ICT Trends.

So, today is the last day of Falgun and from tomorrow we are starting preparation session. You will be given some PDF files to download that are closely matching to the syllabus of Computer Operator. Download and read through them thoroughly. I'm trying to complete an MS Access Story in Nepali to give away and I guess it will be of some use to those who feel more comfortable with Nepali language. Though it won't be possible to explain everything in this short span of time, but still, something is better than nothing. You can find the PDF eBooks and Access Story from

Please check Schedule to find out when will a particular topic be dealt. 

I am offering some practice quiz and test exam on If you have not already, please Register an account there. 


Conditions for electronic documents or records to have legal validity

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What are the conditions if fulfilled, the electronic information, documents or records will have legal validity according to Electronic Transaction Act 2006?


According to Electronic Transaction Act 2006, the information, documents or records that are required by law to be kept safely for any specific period of time will be have legal validity if they fulfill the following conditions:


Computer Officer Question Paper for Banks Exam

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Computer Officer Exam for Banks
Sample Question Paper

F.M.: 50
PM: 20
Time: 30 mins

Attempt all of the following questions. Each question carries equal marks.




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