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What is Mail Merge in Microsoft Word?

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Mail merge is a tool in MS-Word that enables you to create multiple copies of a document with small changes in each.

Take an example of appointment letter. For every employee the format and structure of letter is almost identical except those information related to the employee.

Similarly consider a certificate below. Except some specific information such as Candidate Name and Address, the rest format and text of certificate remains same.

My boss asked me to create a notice to all the 2877 members of PS Exam to inform the release of ‘Mail Merge eBook’. I designed the notice as follows: Read more

The World of Online Learning

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These days I was concentrated to help the participants of Computer Operator Exam and tried to improve so that it will be an online tool for them. It is still needed to continue for some more days as the new exam for Assistant Computer Operator Exam is going to be announced soon.

PS Exam in Facebook

For easier interaction, you can now post messages on Facebook. I'm trying to reply as many queries possible.



Where to learn HTML from?

Fundamentals of Computers, Operating Systems (DOS, Windows), Office Package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Database Management System (Access), Webpage Designing (HTML) are the topics included in the syllabus of Computer Operator Examination. Many friends were requesting for HTML questions and study materials. Because I could not prepare the resources due to the lack of time and heavy workload, I've pointed to a good website for beginners of HTML.

Find the article here: Where Can I Learn HTML?


From Where to Begin MS-Access?

MS-Access and HTML are the topics for most of the candidates that are felt difficult. Follow the referred website with nice tutorials and practical examples.

Find the article here: From Where to Begin MS-Access?


Class Notes on C Programming Language

Though small and beginning website, I found this site useful for students of C Programming language and suggested to download the ebooks available there. They are the class notes of Thapathali Engineering College.

Find the article here: Class Notes on C Programming Language


Download Microsoft Access Short Questions and Answers [pdf]

Published again for those who need to learn Microsoft Access. This ebook contains some must know questions and their answers with nice illustrations and concise descriptions. You are welcome to download the ebook!

Find the article here: Download Microsoft Access Short Questions and Answers [pdf]


Two Questions That May Confuse You

It is difficult to change the belief. I found most of the students give wrong answers for the questions below and thus tried to clarify them. You are welcome if you have any further queries.


1. What is the current generation of computers?

2. Number of Keys in XT, AT and Enhanced Keyboard!


Happy Learning!

Data Stuctures and Algorithms Class Lectures

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There are lot of resources available in Internet for you to study Computer Science and any other subject as such. If you are studying 'Data Structues and Algorithms' I would like to point you to the class lecture of Richard Buckland from University of New South Wales. He lectures very interestingly about the various topics in Data Structures and Algorithms. If you have good internet connection and can watch video it worth watching his lectures. It certainly helps you.


There are altogether 19 classes in 23 videos available in YouTube. I like you to watch these vides and discuss.


Lecture 1:


If you have problem watching online, you can use a downlood tool to download the video and watch offline. Hope this helps you grasp the concept of Data Structures and Algorithms.

Watch other lecture videos Click Here and look at the right panel below the video screen to find links to subsequent lecture classes.



Similarly you can find lecture Series on Data Structures and Algorithms by Dr. Naveen Garg, Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,IIT Delhi. There are altogether 36 lecture classes. His lectures are really useful if you can enjoy Indian English. Here is his starting lecture:



To watch his other vides click here and look at the right side below the video screen to find lecture series.

Operating Systems Short Questions and Answers eBook is ready to download

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Working very hard today! Here is another eBook for you to download and study if you are interested in Operating Systems. This ebook focuses the need and study of a higher secondary and bachelor’s degrees such as BCA, BIT and so on. Similarly it is equally useful if you are preparing for Computer Officer, Computer Engineer or IT Officers. Thus, the skill level required is from Intermediate to Advanced.


There has always been lack of good preparation materials for Computer Science Studies. Though the efforts of a man can never fulfill the gap, but I hope, I can add a bit on it. I would be glad if you find this eBook useful for your studies and will always welcome your comments and suggestions

The eBook covers the topics like Functions of Operating System, Thread, Process, Virtual Memory, Real Time System, Hard and Soft Real Time System, Thrashing, Multi-tasking, CPU Scheduler, Context Switching, Cash Memory, Deadlock Detection and Prevention, Marshaling, Semaphore, Mutex, Memory Partitioning Paging and Segmentation, Page Fault and so on.


Operating Systems Short Questions and Answers pdf eBook


How to download this eBook? Go to learn!

Computer Networking Short Questions and Answers pdf Ebooks is Ready to Download

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I started to get afraid if my job is only to publish and republish the same ebook again and again. Sorry for all this. Please skip if you have already downloaded the ebook. But I believe this is the most favored and one of the most downloaded ebook in PS Exam.


The topics covered in this eBook ranges from Transmission Media through Network Standards up to Internet. It talks about the Transmission Media, Fundamentals of Computer Networking, Network Servers, Types of Computer Network, Protocols, Topologies, Advantages and drawbacks of topologies, Network Standards, Ethernet, Arcnet, Network Architecture, Network Model, Network and Internet Terminology and so on.


Computer Networking Short Questions and Answers


You are welcome to visit New PS Exam and Download the eBook!

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