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Class Notes and Others

What is the difference between internet and the Internet?

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Many networks exist in the world, often with different hardware and software. People connected to one network often want to communicate with people attached to a different one. This desire requires connecting together different, and frequently incompatible networks, sometimes by using machines called gateways to make the connection and provide the necessary translation, both in terms of hardware and software. A collection of interconnected networks is called an internetwork or just internet.
To avoid confusion, please note that the word "internet" will always be used in a generic sense. In contrast, the Internet (note uppercase I) means a specific worldwide internet that is widely used to connect universities, government offices, companies, and of late, private individuals. We will have much to say about both internets and the Internet later in this material.
Subnets, networks, and internetworks are often confused. Subnet makes the most sense in the context of a wide area network, where it refers to the collection of routers and communication lines owned by the network operator, for example, companies like AOL(America Online) and CompuServe. As an analogy, the telephone system consists of telephone switching offices connected to each other by high-speed lines, and to houses and businesses by low-speed lines. These lines and equipment, owned and managed by the telephone company, form the subnet of the telephone system. The telephones themselves (the hosts in this analogy) are not part of the subnet. The combination of a subnet and its hosts forms a network. In the case of a LAN, the cable and the hosts form the network. There really is no subnet.
An internetwork is formed when distinct networks are connected together. In our view, connecting a LAN and a WAN or connecting two LANs forms an internetwork, but there is little agreement in the industry over terminology in this area.


Classify Computer Networks based on Transmission Technology

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Computer Networks can be classified into two classes regarding the transmission technology they use. They are broadcast network and point-to-point networks.

Broadcast Network

Broadcast networks have a single communication channel that is shared by all the machines on the network. Short messages, called packets in certain contexts, sent by any machine are received by all the others. An address field within the packet specifies for whom it is intended. Upon receiving a packet, a machine checks the address field. If the packet is intended for itself, it processes the packet; if the packet is intended for some other machine, it is just ignored.



What is Computer Network? Distinguish Computer Network and Distributed System

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What is computer network?

The term "computer network" is to mean an interconnected collection of autonomous computers. Two computers are said to be interconnected if they are able to exchange information. The connection need not be via a copper wire; fiber optics, microwaves, and communication satellites can also be used. By requiring the computers to be autonomous, we wish to exclude from our definition systems in which there is a clear master/slave relation. If one computer can forcibly start, stop, or control another one, the computers are not autonomous. A system with one control unit and many slaves is not a network; nor is a large computer with remote printers and terminals.

Types of Selection in MS-Word and Short-Cut Keys

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Selecting in Microsoft WordSelecting text or objects in a document is one of the essential skill required to use word-processing effectively. I tried to summarize and list the way to make selection for all types of selection techniques here. Check if you know all of these selecting techniques?


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What is Mail Merge in Microsoft Word?

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Mail merge is a tool in MS-Word that enables you to create multiple copies of a document with small changes in each.

Take an example of appointment letter. For every employee the format and structure of letter is almost identical except those information related to the employee.

Similarly consider a certificate below. Except some specific information such as Candidate Name and Address, the rest format and text of certificate remains same.

My boss asked me to create a notice to all the 2877 members of PS Exam to inform the release of ‘Mail Merge eBook’. I designed the notice as follows: Read more

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