Cisco announced new certification 'Cisco Certified Architect' above in rank to 'Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert'


Cisco LogoOn monday i.e. July 2, 2009, Cisco announced a new certification degree 'Cisco Certified Architect (CCA) as the heighest certification even up in rank to 'Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)'.

It won't be easy. The candidate should already possess Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) along with the 10 years of industry experience. The certification will cost $15,000.

"This certification will encourage the business to view 'network architecture' as a job function in itself and not as 'part' of a job" says Fred Weiller, the Cisco spokesperson. "The CCIE has been the gold standard for network engineers. This is above the CCIE and is for a CCIE what an MBA is for the business world", says Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president, Yankee Group. "Companies often buy technology and then figure out what to do with it. That's very common. The ability to explain the technology in business terms is an especially needed skill."

Cisco expects that the certified architect will remain an elite certification and that the total number of candidates to achieve it on an annual basis will remain low, only “in the double digits” for the first two years, says Cisco program manager Sanjay Mehta. Cisco will begin accepting applications in the fall and the first candidates will be scheduled to defend their proposals in January.


Source: RoboXpress