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Google Books Loses Copyright Infringement

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A Paris court has ruled that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is guilty of violating copyrights in a case brought by French publishers against the search giant’s digital books project. Google will have to pay €300,000 ($430,000) in damages and interest to French publisher La Martiniere, the AP reported. The search giant was also ordered to pay €10,000 ($14,330) per day until it takes down portions of the French books from its online database. In a separate European legal proceeding, Google plans to modify the way its Street View photo mapping service operates in Switzerland, following complaints that it did not do enough to protect individuals’ privacy, Reuters reported.
The La Martiniere group, which which own the Editions du Seuil publishing house, claimed that publishers and authors works were being illegally copied and posted to the web. The company was joined in the suit by the French Publishers’ Association and authors’ group SGDL had asked that that the court hit Google with fine of 15 million euros ($21.59 million), according to a separate Reuters report.




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