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How to attempt MCQ Test

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This post will guide you in steps so that you can attempt all the multiple choice questions practice quiz without any problem.

Make a search if you did not find a link directly from here. The search is customized and results are displayed only from PS Exam and ICT Trends.

So, today is the last day of Falgun and from tomorrow we are starting preparation session. You will be given some PDF files to download that are closely matching to the syllabus of Computer Operator. Download and read through them thoroughly. I'm trying to complete an MS Access Story in Nepali to give away and I guess it will be of some use to those who feel more comfortable with Nepali language. Though it won't be possible to explain everything in this short span of time, but still, something is better than nothing. You can find the PDF eBooks and Access Story from

Please check Schedule to find out when will a particular topic be dealt. 

I am offering some practice quiz and test exam on If you have not already, please Register an account there. 

Each question allows you to attempt within 60 seconds (1 minute) and there are 20 questions in each set of Practice Test. There are 50 question in Mock Up Exam.

In practice test you are given only one question at a time and after you answer the question, next question is displayed immediately. In case of mock up exam all 50 questions will be presented at once and it is your responsibility to manage time and answer all the question in time.

How to attempt MCQ Test

To attempt MCQ Test you should go to and login there supplying your username and password. If you don't have a password yet, please register for an account there and activate your membership by clicking on activation link in your email.

After you log on, the active quize are listed in the left panel. Just click it to start your practice test.

If you did not find the quiz you were looking for, it is easy to browse through available quize. Scroll the page down and loo at the bottom right to find a link called 'MCQ Quiz Sets'. Click the link.

MCQ Quiz Sets

Now the screen will display a table of available categories and the number of quize active on that topic.

Active Quiz List

Click on the category name to enter into that category and list the quizes as shown in image below:

List of active quizes

Well, this screen lets you start the quiz and some other information. The second column displays the quiz title and a short description. Third will indicate how many questions are included in the set. The third column will let you view the comments made on that quiz. The second last column displays score and who are the top scorer. The last column will display statistics. It will be helpful to see on which question most are feeling comfortable or difficulty.

Move your mouse pointer over the table and you can find the clickable area as the mouse pointer changes to hand shape.

Click on the quiz title to start quiz.

Start Quiz Screen

You can click on the red START button or the Green Arrow button. Green Arrow button is used to get next question if you answered the question before 60 minutes is over. 

After you click on START, you'll be offered question and four possible answers.

Quiz Question Screen

Brief description about the quiz is displayed at the top box. The bottom box contains question. A red circle with a number indicates the current question number you are attempting. The Green Arrow button is to get next question. The red rectangle below Green Arrow shows the time elapsed. You should answer before 60 seconds are over.

Below the time indicator you will find question and four options listed vertically. At the front of each option there is a small check box to click for correct answer.

Click on Green button if you answered before the time is elapsed.

In this way go on answering each question and click the GREEN Next button to get another question. After you finish all, you'll arrive at Finish screen.

Click on red FINISH button to save your work and see the result.

Result Screen

This page will list all the questions and the answer you provide. If you could not answer correctly a short explanation is displayed why your choice is wrong.

There is a button 'Comments on this quiz' at the top. This button will show the comments made by other users. Please write comments so that it will be helpful for me to compose future quizes.

Scroll the page down to see your score.

Some of the quizes will allow you to submit your question. If the question is of good quality and relevant, I will include them in the quiz.

The image below shows a sample comment made.

Comment on Quiz

Scroll down the page to find the button so that you can enter your comments there.

Leave your comment on quiz

That's all! I hope you will solve each questions correctly and score the highest possible score. I believe these quizes will be helpful to broaden your knowledge and better prepare for exams.

If there is any question where you got confused or did not know why a particular answer is correct, you're always welcome to make a post on forum. I will be answering them as much as possible. You can go to forum through here.

Study hard, prepare well and prove you deserve!





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