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MS-Excel Objective Questions (MCQ) with Solutions and Explanations - Set 7

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MCQ Set 7:- MS-Excel - A set of Objective Questions or Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) suitable for Computer Jobs Exam such as computer operator conducted by Public Service Commission (PSC) - Lok Sewa Ayog.

MS-Excel is a popular spreadsheet calculation application developed by Microsoft Inc.


121.    You can activate a cell by

a.   Pressing the Tab key

b.   Clicking the cell

c.   Pressing an arrow key

d.   All of above

Correct Answer: d


122.    Which of the following setup options can not be set in the page setup dialog box?

a.   Printer selection

b.   Vertical or horizontal placement

c.   Orientation

d.   Row and column titles

Correct Answer: a


123.    What term refers to a specific set of values saved with the workbook?

a.   Range

b.   Scenario

c.   Trend line

d.   What-if analysis

Correct Answer: b


124.    Got functions? No? You need the insert function dialog box. How do you get it?

e.   Right click a cell and then click insert

f.    Click the insert menu and then click function

g.   Type = in a cell

h.   All of the above

Correct Answer: b


125.    Which of the following describes how to select all the cells in a single column?

a.   Right click on column and select Pick from list

b.   Use data – text to columns menu item

c.   Left click on the gray column title button

d.   Pressing Ctrl + A on the keyboard

Correct Answer: c


126.    when you use the fill effects in the format data series dialog box, you can not

a.   rotate text on the chart

b.   select a fore ground color

c.   select a pattern

d.   select a background color

Correct Answer: a


127.    Paper spreadsheets can have all the same advantages as an electronic spreadsheet except which of the following?

a.   Rows and columns

b.   Headings

c.   Speed

d.   None

Correct Answer: c


128.    Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?

a.   Save the workbook

b.   Modify the worksheet

c.   Enter text and data

d.   Copy the worksheet

Correct Answer: d


129.    What’s a quick way to extend these numbers to a longer sequence, for instance 1 through 20?

a.   Select both cells, and then drag the fill handle over the range you want, for instance 18 more rows

b.   Select the range you want, include both cells, point to fill on the Edit menu, and then click down.

c.   Copy the second cell, click in the cell below it, on the standard toolbar click the down arrow on the Paste button, and then click Paste Special

d.   All of above

Correct Answer: a

Collection of Objective Questions or Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) distributed through

130.    To insert three columns between columns D and E you would

a.   Select column D

b.   Select column E

c.   Select columns E, F and G

d.   Select columns D, E, and F.

Correct Answer: b


131.    To center worksheet titles across a range of cell, you must

a.   Select the cells containing the title text and use the fill handle to center the text across a range of cells

b.   Widen the columns

c.   Select the cells containing the title text and use the fill handle to center the text across a range of cells

d.   Widen the column

Correct Answer: a.


132.    When integrating Ms-Word and Excel, Word is usually the

a.   Server

b.   Source

c.   Client

d.   None

Correct Answer: c. Client


133.    Charts tips can

a.   Show the formatting of a data label

b.   Show the name of a data series

c.   Show the value of data point

d.   b and c

Correct Answer: d


134.    The Name box

a.   Shows the location of the previously active cell

b.   Appears t the left of the formula bar

c.   Appears below the status bar

d.   Appears below the menu bar

Correct Answer: b


135.    How do you change column width to fit the contents?

a.   Single-click the boundary to the left to the column heading

b.   Double click the boundary to the right of the column heading

c.   Press Alt and single click anywhere in the column

d.   All of above

Correct Answer: b


136.    when you work with large worksheets, you may need to

a.   size the worksheet to fit on the specific number of pages

b.   add and remove page breaks

c.   specify only certain print areas

d.   all of above

Correct Answer: d


137.    Hyperlinks cannot be

a.   Special shapes like stars and banners 

b.   Drawing objects like rectangles ovals

c.   Pictures

d.   All can be hyperlinks

Correct Answer: d. All can be hyperlinks


138.    You can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to

a.   Split a worksheet into two panes

b.   View different rows and columns

c.   Edit the contents of a cell

d.   View different worksheets

Correct Answer: b


139.    What do we call a computer program that organizes data in rows and columns of cells? You might use this type of program to keep a record of the money you earned moving lawns over the summer.

a.   Spreadsheet program

b.   Database program

c.   Word processor program

d.   Desktop publisher program

Correct Answer: A


140.    You can add an image to a template by clicking the Insert Picture From File button on the …. Toolbar.

a.   Standard

b.   Formatting

c.   Drawing

d.   Picture

Correct Answer: d


Collection of Objective Questions or Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) distributed through




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