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MS-DOS-Objective Questions (MCQ) with Solutions and Explanations - Set 1

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1.    In MS-Dos 6.22, which part identifies the product uniquely
a.    MS
b.    DOS
c.    Ms-DOS
d.    6.22
Correct Answer: d. 6.22

Explanation: MS stands for Microsoft, DOS is the name of operating system Disk Operating System, 6.22 is the version number that identifies the product.


2.    In Ms-Dos what command you will use to display system date?

a.    Date command

b.    Ver command

c.    Disk command

d.    Format command


Correct Answer: a. Date command

Explanation: Ver command displays the version number of Dos. There is no command as Disk. Format command prepares a disk to be used with DOS. Thus Date is the command that lets you to display and/or change the system date.


3.    While working with Ms-Dos which command transfers a specific file from one disk to another?

a.    Copy
b.    Diskcopy
c.    Time
d.    Rename
Correct Answer: a. Copy

For a specific file to copy from one disk to another disk, Copy command should be used. Diskcopy copies whole disk into new disk. Time command is to display system time and Rename command just changes the name of a file.


4.    If you don’t know the current time, which command will you use to display

a.    Copy
b.    Ver
c.    Time
d.    Format
Correct Answer: c. Time

Explanation: Time command displays and allows you to change system time. TIME only displays the system time and TIME <time> is used to set new time as system time.


5.    Which command divides the surface of the blank disk into sectors and assign a unique address to each one

a.    Ver
b.    Format
c.    Fat
d.    Chkdsk

Correct Answer: b. Format

Explanation: Ver is used to display the version number of DOS in use. Fat command does not exist and Chkdsk is to check disk errors and fix it. Thus dividing surface into sectors is done by Format command.


6.    Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file

a., io.sys


c., io.sys, msdos.sys

d.    Chkdsk.exe

Correct Answer: c., io.sys, msdos.sys

Explanation:, io.sys and msdos.sys are the essential system files of MS-Dos. Loading these files from disk into memory is known as booting. Booting is the process of preparing your computer to work.


7.    If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?

a.    Copy
b.    Diskcopy
c.    Chkdsk
d.    Format

Correct Answer: b. Diskcopy

Explanation: Diskcopy is used to perform track-by-track copy of a disk into another. Copy command copies selected files; chkdsk and format commands are not for copying purpose.


8.    Which of the following extensions suggest that the file is a backup copy

a.    Bak
b.    Bas
c.    Com
d.    Txt
Correct Answer: a. Bak

Explanation: Bak extension is commonly used to store backup copies of files so that it can be restored later when original file is corrupted or deleted. Bas extension indicates the file is a BASIC program source file, com is command file and txt is plain text file.


9.    Which command lists the contents of current directory of a disk

a.    Copy
b.    Tree
c.    Cd
d.    Dir
Correct Answer: Dir

Explanation: Dir command lists the directory of current location. It includes the files, subdirectories and some other system information. Tree command is used to list the directory structure in tree diagram; CD command to change directory and Copy command to copy a file into another.


10.Only filenames and extensions are to be displayed in wide format, which command you’ll use?

a.    Dir/w

b.    Dir a:

c.    Dir/s
d.    Dir/b
Correct Answer: Dir/w

Explanation: Dir/w only displays the file names and extensions excluding file created date/time, file size. Second option dir a: will list the contents of A drive (floppy drive), third dir/s lists current directory and its subdirectories too, dir/b displays bare format, that means, it just makes a list of files, no more information.



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