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Information Technology News and New Things

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems

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After weeks of speculation of IBM buying out Sun, which failed to produce a result, today Oracle have swept in and bought Sun. The deal is valued at approximately $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of Sun’s cash and debt, with Oracle buying Sun at $9.50 per share.


MySpace, Google join forces to beat Facebook

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Effort will help users connect with social circles while at other Web sites
Myspace is teaming up with Internet search leader Google Inc. in a campaign to extend MySpace's reach and counter the expansion of their common rival Facebook Inc.

GoogleThe alliance, unveiled late Monday in Paris, builds upon MySpace's seven-month-old effort to make it easier for the 127 million worldwide users of its online hangout to connect with their social circles while they're at other Internet destinations.


ViaSat has signed a deal to put a broadband Internet satellite into orbit around the United States in the first part of 2011

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ViasatYou may have been hearing about a new U.S. broadband Internet satellite for some time now, but new information has just been released and I'm here to tell you all about it today! According to PC World, a California satellite technology provider, ViaSat, has signed a deal to put a broadband Internet satellite into orbit around the United States in the first part of 2011.


Intel Hopes to Bring Free Energy to Mobile Devices

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Mobile PhonesIntel on Friday said it is researching technology to harvest free energy from the environment, which could lead to devices such as mobile phones running for indefinite periods without recharging.

The company is working on tiny sensors that can capture energy from sources such as sunlight and body heat. In the future, such energy could be used to power personal electronic devices such as cell phones.


The holidays are almost here, and Google's got some freebies for you -- if you sign up soon.

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The Gmail team is giving away sets of Gmail-themed stickers right now. Some are just for fun, like the glittery red Gmail logo sticker. Others have a specific function in mind, like the Gmail shortcut stickers that you can stick onto your keyboard to help remember hotkeys. (Google promises they peel off easily.)


Pioneer is now showcasing the biggest Blu-ray disc ever that can hold 400 GB worth of data.

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altThe technology features 16 separate layers on a single-side Blu-ray disc with 25 GB storage capacity on each layer, which totals 400 GB. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima must be giddy about the prospects, seeing as how he loves lengthy cutscenes and the highest definition assets possible.

"The technology of the super multi-layer read-only disc is based on Blu-ray Disc (BD) with a breakthrough in material of reflective layers, according to Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan. The specifications of the pick-up head (PUH) of the disc is the same as those for the PUH of blank BD discs, and therefore the Pioneer discs can be read on BD players, the company said."

Pioneer says the development plans are to create these super read-only discs in 2008-2010, rewritable discs in 2010-2012, and 1 TB discs in 2013.

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