Ajax - What is Ajax [Class Notes]



What Is Ajax?

 Why Ajax?

 Why Ajax is Asynchronous?

 Traditional Interaction Vs Ajax Client Server Interactions

The following hindrances in traditional interaction clarifies its differences with Ajax client server interactions
Ajax builds an extra layer of processing between the web page and the server. This layer, often referred to as an Ajax Engine or Ajax Framework, intercepts requests from the user and in the background handles server communications quietly, unobtrusively, and asynchronously. By this we mean that server requests and responses no longer need to coincide with particular user actions but may happen at any time convenient to the user and to the correct operation of the application. The browser does not freeze and await the completion by the server of the last request but instead lets the user carry on scrolling, clicking, and typing in the current page.

The updating of page elements to reflect the revised information received from the server is also looked after by Ajax, happening dynamically while the page continues to be used.