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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions

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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions
Why do my scrollbars go to row 500 -- my data ends in cell E50
Password and Protection
Entering and Saving Data
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Source: Contexture

The article below lists some of the most frequently faced problems of Microsoft Excel and provides reasonable solutions for them. Its in a questions and answers format.

Why do the column headers show numbers instead of letters? How do I change my column headings so they are back to letters instead of numbers?

  1. Choose Tools > Options and select the General tab.
  2. Remove the check mark from 'R1C1 reference style'

How can I change the color of the sheet tabs? 

In Excel 2002, and later versions, you can colour the sheet tabs. Right-click on a sheet tab, and choose Tab Color...

Note: When the sheet is selected, the colour will show in a thin strip at the bottom of the sheet tab. The full tab is coloured for non-selected sheets.




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