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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions - Entering and Saving Data

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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions
Why do my scrollbars go to row 500 -- my data ends in cell E50
Password and Protection
Entering and Saving Data
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When I type a number, example 44, it becomes 0.44 even if I format the cell without decimals.

Goto Tools>Options/Edit and uncheck the Fixed decimals checkbox.

When I clear a large range , it takes forever. How can I make it faster?

If you have Google Desktop Search installed, turn it off in Excel.

How can I prevent hyperlinks from appearing when I type an email address?

To turn that option off in Excel 2002 and later versions:

  • Choose Tools | AutoCorrect Options
  • Select the AutoFormat as you type tab
  • Remove the check mark from Internet and network paths with hyperlinks
  • Click OK

To undo the hyperlink creation in all versions:

  • Type the email address and press Enter
  • Immediately, press Ctrl+Z. This is a shortcut for Undo, and will convert the hyperlink back to text.

To change a group of cells that contain hyperlinks, you can use the Convert with Paste Special technique.

The code below, when run on a selection, will also delete the hyperlinks.

Sub delHyperlinks()
Dim myCell As Range
For Each myCell In Selection
Next myCell
End Sub

When I import information from my merchant account the field which holds the 16 digit credit card information does not display it properly. 

Excel only maintains 15 significant digits for numbers and cannot be used for credit cards which require 16 digits. If you don't need to do math on them, input long numbers into a range that you've formatted as text (Format>Cells, Number tab).

To prevent both of the above issues (hyperlinks and 16-digit numbers) -- as well as entries that are automatically converted to dates (e.g. 3/4) -- type a single quote ( ' ) before the entry. Excel will treat the cell as pure text and change nothing.

I just began to design an intricate spreadsheet and after over an hour got an error message in Excel - which then closed automatically. Unfortunately, I did not save my file. Excel did not automatically recover the file. Is there anything I can do to get it back? 

No. There should be an Autosave add-in in Tools > Add-Ins menu that you now might consider start using. (But then again, you may not want to overwrite an existing file with every little test you do in it, so be careful).

Jan Karel Pieterse has an add-in downloadable from

See also David McRitchie's for more on backup and recovery.

Finally, Excel XP has great backup and recovery tools, so upgrading is a good future solution to those problems.

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