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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions - Password and Protection

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Microsoft Excel Problems and Solutions
Why do my scrollbars go to row 500 -- my data ends in cell E50
Password and Protection
Entering and Saving Data
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How can I protect formulas from being deleted or changed? 

  1. Select all cells that users ARE allowed to change.
  2. Choose Format > Cells > Protection
  3. Remove the check mark from Locked.
  4. Then, to protect the worksheet, choose Tools > Protection > Protect worksheet.

I've lost my password! 

Well, there are passwords and there are passwords. One is to open the file, one other is to unprotect the spreadsheet, still another is to unprotect the workbook and yet another one is to unprotect the macro code. File and VBA passwords cannot be cracked by a "normal macro", workbook and worksheet passwords are fairly easy. A search for "excel password" at will find both commercial and free solutions of varying quality and brutality.

How can I protect an Excel file (and associated code) from unauthorized copying and/or create time limited functionality? 

There is no foolproof method for this, and most solutions limit themselves to require macros enabled on opening. This said, creating your own system is a fun challenge allowing lots of "evil creativity".




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