Microsoft Windows - How to apply an image as desktop wallpaper?

Desktop background can be customized by applying wallpaper (images), patterns (lines or strikes), color. An image of any format (bmp, jpg, gif, png) can be applied as a desktop wallpaper. Following are the methods to an apply image as desktop wallpaper:

Method 1:

1.Right Click the image file or image if it is opened in browser of picture viewer.

2.Choose the option ‘Set as Desktop Background’ from the context menu
Set Image as Desktop Background

Set Browser Image as Desktop Background

Method 2:

1.Right Click the empty space of desktop

2.Choose Properties to open ‘Display Properties’ dialog box

3.Go to Desktop Tab

4.Choose any preferred image from Background category or Browse for image on your disk

5.Click Apply.

Display Properties Dialog Box can be opened from Control Panel >> Display
Desktop Tab Display Properties Dialog Box

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