Microsoft Windows - I don’t know what runs on my computer whenever I go outside for sometime. My screen is restored only when I move the mouse. What comes and covers my screen? How to get rid of it?

This is screen saver that runs automatically when you leave your computer for some specified time duration. Screen savers are small programs that display some nice entertaining to cover your works when you leave your computer idle. You can move mouse or press any key to end the screen saver and resume your work.
Microsoft Windows provides option to enable or disable the screen saver for your computer and even the time duration after what the screen saver should start.

Follow the procedure below to disable screen saver:

1. Open Display Properties dialog box. (Control Panel >> Display)

2. Go to Screen Saver tab

3. Open Screen saver drop down list and choose None from there

4. Click Apply.

How to Disable Screen Saver

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