Computer Jobs Exams: Suggestions to Attempt Multiple Choice Questions


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) is the only type of question asked for computer operator examination conducted by Lok Sewa Ayog (Public Service Commission), Nepal. There are 50 questions in total and each question having 4 alternative answer keys. There is only one correct answer key among those 4 alternatives. Each multiple choice question carries 1 mark and if answered wrong 20% (0.20 marks) is reduced from obtained marks.

You are given question paper and answer sheet separately. Each question paper contains a Key ‘Kha’, ‘Kha’, ‘Ga’… that you need write on answer sheet to indicate which group of questions you were given. Don’t put tick marks or any other marking on the question paper to answer. Answer sheet contain a table with multiple choice question number printed vertically on each row and second box on that row is for writing answer number. Write A, B, C or D, whichever is correct in the box on respective question number row.

After you get answer sheets, write your name, symbol number, examination center, advertisement number etc. in the provided form on the first page. You will be given question paper as soon as time starts. Look for the ‘Question Paper Key’ on the question paper and write down the same key on you answer sheet in proper place. Now read the questions carefully. After you read all the questions start answering the questions you are confident of. If you are totally unaware of on any question, it is better to leave it. If you are confused on some questions, answering them would be beneficial if correct answers happened to be more than wrong answers.