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Working very hard today! Here is another eBook for you to download and study if you are interested in Operating Systems. This ebook focuses the need and study of a higher secondary and bachelor’s degrees such as BCA, BIT and so on. Similarly it is equally useful if you are preparing for Computer Officer, Computer Engineer or IT Officers. Thus, the skill level required is from Intermediate to Advanced.


There has always been lack of good preparation materials for Computer Science Studies. Though the efforts of a man can never fulfill the gap, but I hope, I can add a bit on it. I would be glad if you find this eBook useful for your studies and will always welcome your comments and suggestions

The eBook covers the topics like Functions of Operating System, Thread, Process, Virtual Memory, Real Time System, Hard and Soft Real Time System, Thrashing, Multi-tasking, CPU Scheduler, Context Switching, Cash Memory, Deadlock Detection and Prevention, Marshaling, Semaphore, Mutex, Memory Partitioning Paging and Segmentation, Page Fault and so on.


Operating Systems Short Questions and Answers pdf eBook


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