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IT Test - Fundamentals of Computers eCourse Set 5

Computer System (Organization of Computer), Computer Peripherals and Media covers almost all of the computer devices, technologies and architectures. At least, a basic awareness of these devices, technologies and architectures is a must to stand in Comptuer Operator examination.

In this series, I'm presenting another 10 multiple choice questions and their correct answers with explanation. If you want to download the complete eBook of more than 550 MCQ questions, please visit the link at the bottom of this post.

1. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
A) Laser printer
B) Ink jet printer
C) Plotter
D) Dot matrix printer

How to Study for Test - An Effective Technique

How to study for test is certainly the most intriguing question for any student. Working hard for hours without an effective technique can burn you off without paying the return. Students generally are stressed out and feel pressure during exam days and on preparation schedule.

How to study for test

How to take notes

Preparing for a test really starts in the classroom. While you study for test, make your habit to take notes. While in class many students develop a bad habit of not taking notes. They say it’s like a nerd to take notes. But believe me, it works great.

Whenever talking about ‘how to study for test’ I want to put emphasis on effective note taking technique. I often suggest Cornell notes. If you don’t know what Cornell Notes are, please visit this page on The Learning Toolbox. In this technique you draw a line diving page into two halves vertically – the smaller left part and bigger right part. Write notes on the bigger part and questions that are probable to the test on the smaller left part. Similarly, if it suits, you can draw a line at the bottom of page to write summary of your note.

After you study you can cover the right part and look at the questions on the left. Recall the answers for those questions. If you could answer them its great! Otherwise, look at the right and study them again.

The bottom part – summary - can help you great to revisit all the notes pages quickly so that you won’t forget them.

Make your study schedule

Oh! That I hate most. Who doesn’t love to be a jolly free guy? But believe me, schedules can improve your studies a lot while keeping your regular life more intact. All you need to have is discipline and follow the schedule closely.

Allocate everyday time to revise the topics you have already learned, before you go to bed. Little bit everyday accumulates a huge memory aid.

The SQ3R technique to study for test

The title sounds funny but this is most probably the best way to study for test.

Survey: Scan your book for the most important things (They may be in bold, italics, or something else that makes it stand out)
Question: Make practice questions and DO NOT write the answers
Read: Skim your material or read it actively
Recite: Answer your questions you have previously written down (Hint: Talk out loud!)
Review: Review this process until you have it down

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