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Multiple Choice Questions and Sample Tests to Prepare Computer Operator Exam

     This post is about the resources to prepare Computer Operator Examination such as Sample Multiple Choice Questions and Online Tests. The Computer Operator syllabus includes the topics such as Fundamentals of Computers (History, Generation, Classification, System, Media, Peripherals, Security, Networking and IT Policy), Operating Systems, Word Processing Systems, Spreadsheet Calculation, Database Management Systems, Presentation System and Website Designing.

Chaitra is towards the end, and the bell starts to ring! There is one last month before you sit for the exam. I hope you are doing good and developed more confidence. I'm happy with your participation in this preparation sessions and glad I could help you in some way.

This post talks about some other sites that can be helpful to sharpen your preparation. They are freely available on Internet, so make maximum use of them! by Ganesh Maharjan

Ganesh Maharjan holds a Masters Degree of Science in Information Technology. Permanent resident of Lalitpur and working in Ministry of Educations, he has started a blog named MCQ Questions. Currently you can find 8 sets of Fundamentals of Computers, 2 sets of Operating Systems, 7 sets in MS Word, 7 sets in MS Excel, 3 sets in PowerPoint, 3 sets in MS Access and 3 sets in HTML. He says he is continually adding more questions. I guess it is worth visiting.

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Visit MCQ Questions here

Preparation Classes - Do they worth the money?

You can find it by typing in the box below and click Search

The market is growing more competitive; job vacancies are greatly reduced due to this political instability and unbearable loadshedding. The number of institutes and exam preparation classes are blooming. And we do not see any other alternatives too!

Talking about comptuer operator exams, it was not that competitive just a couple of years ago. Anybody who can comfortably operate Windows and Office Applications could easily get through the  exams and be a civil servant! Why the exams are becoming more and more competitive? Are these preparation classes adding up in the competition?

Probably, more skilled manpower are supplied in the market. Every higher secondary schools offered Comptuer Science as major. Reputed institutes are producing middle level skilled manpower. These are good for the nation and the organizations.

Why Exam Preparation Classes?

Exam Preparation Classes on Training institutes are focused maximum on exam patterns and  the type of questions being asked in previous exams. These classes help any candidate to sharpen and better prepared for the competition.

When you visit your competitors every day, though only for one or two hours, you are always in alert state of mind. They are your friends whom you must defeat. Ironical relatioship. You will help them so that you can be better than all of them.

A group of people who gather and talk about the topics everyday are certainly more updated than the one who is preparing by himself inside his closed room.

Compare, verify, prepare, test and compare again, verify - this is only possible in preparation classes. The frequent tests and analysis of those tests will help you clear the doubts and confusions - gradually polish you and make more competitent.

Whatever materials and subject of discussion collected by a group of people is always far more and better than one man's effort. You will never learn from the weakness of others until you can connected with other candidates. Preparation classes serve best for this reason.

Books are not everything to prepare competitive exams. Books were prepared one or two years earlier even if they are published recently. You can never get as much updated information from books as you can get from preparation classes. Moreover, there is no way to clear your doubts if you did not understand anything written on the book! 

Competitive exams heavily depend upon the competition. It is not that you did not study as much as require but it is that you did not study more than your competitors. So, preparation classes will help you realize the competition and the depth of knowledge on subject matter required.

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