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Online Course on Fundamentals of Computers

ICT Trends launched its online course for Fundamentals of Computers named - ICT Trends Prepare! eCourse on Fundamentals of Computers!

Good news to computer students and computer jobs exam candidates. ICT Trends has designed an online course that is suitable for the competitive computer job exams such as Data Entry Supervisors, Computer Operators and various IT Assistant posts. The course is equally useful for the secondary and higher secondary level Computer Science students as well as instructors. It can easily fulfill the requirement of BCA and B. Sc. IT first semester students on the part of Fundamentals of Computers.

Foolproof Study Tips

Study TipsIsolate Different Material

There’s a little thing called “interference” that can distract your memory from retaining information accurately. It’s really similar to surfing the radio and picking up two stations at once. This is exactly what happens when you study two similar subjects. In computer science, this could mean confusing two different programming languages. To safeguard against interference, the best practice is to isolate the material in order to focus on each individual subject.

Because online learning is held entirely in a virtual world, it is especially important to isolate topics. There are some tricks to helping your mind subconsciously classify different types of material. For example, try not to study two different topics in close succession without breaks. If you have to study different topics in a single day, give yourself appropriate breaks and move to a different room to study the each topic.

Don’t Cram!

Cramming is taking all of the information of your course and studying it all at once. You probably already know this is a poor studying method, but did you know why?

Quite simply, your memory and focus have limits. When you cram for a test, you exhaust your concentration. This means you could spend 8 hours studying comprehensively, but your mind will be too exhausted to retain all of the information.  Taking substantial breaks is an important part of strengthening your memory. If you can’t afford to take breaks, you’ve waited too long to begin your studying!

Giving yourself breaks will allow you to become familiar with which parts of the material are difficult for you to recall, and which parts you understand well.

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