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ICT For Beginners: Lean the Basics for Free

There is no denying that having a strong knowledge base in Information and Communications Technology can help you flourish in both your personal and business life. But sometimes getting a good grasp of all of the different technologies and mediums can be complex—especially for older generations who are weren't really raised with some of the more modern devices and tools. If you are just now realizing how important ICT plays in the world but don't really know where to start learning about the subject, a good idea is turning to formal education. But since returning back to college can be costly and not to mention time consuming, an even better alternative to get a taste of the basics is to take some free online classes. While you can't get college credit, receive outside help from classmates or professors, and may need to buy additional materials such as textbooks or special software to complete the course, it is a great way to learn the core principles of ICT for free. For a list of the top introductory courses in the subject, continue reading below.

IT Test - Fundamentals of Computers MCQ Bank - Download Printable PDF

Public Service Commission Exam has Multiple Choice Questions as their exam pattern. Fundamentals of Computers covers the major portion of score. For Computer Operator and Data Entry Supervisor positions there are 14 marks questions on a F.M. 50 marks objective exam.

PS Exam is offering good number of MCQs in its MCQ Bank section. Recently I compiled an ebook with 588 multiple choice questions all from Fundamentals of Computers chapter. The necessity to re-compile the ebook is primarily to eliminate the errors in answers and offer it as a printable version so that the candidates can study it offline.

Fundamentals of Computers MCQ eBook

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