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IT Test - Fundamentals of Computers MCQ Bank - Download Printable PDF

Public Service Commission Exam has Multiple Choice Questions as their exam pattern. Fundamentals of Computers covers the major portion of score. For Computer Operator and Data Entry Supervisor positions there are 14 marks questions on a F.M. 50 marks objective exam.

PS Exam is offering good number of MCQs in its MCQ Bank section. Recently I compiled an ebook with 588 multiple choice questions all from Fundamentals of Computers chapter. The necessity to re-compile the ebook is primarily to eliminate the errors in answers and offer it as a printable version so that the candidates can study it offline.

Fundamentals of Computers MCQ eBook

How to Create a Useful Outline for Studying

An outline is a great study tool that can help you review a subject.  You can refresh yourself on a subject as you write the outline, so you could look at drafting an outline as a way of studying in and of itself. Here are some tips to drafting a useful outline.

Read your reference material thoroughly

Before you even begin to write that outline, make sure that you’re familiar with the material. Familiarizing yourself with the reading will give you a better idea about how to structure your outline. If you outline readings as you’re reading them for the first time, you may waste time on ideas that aren’t central to the subject.  A good rule of thumb is read the material once very slowly and deliberately, and then once more at a more brisk pace to affirm what you’d just read.

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