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Programming Languages and Processors Set 1

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Programming Languages and Language Processors Set 1.



Question 1:

Electronic spreadsheets are most useful in a situation where relatively .... data must be input but ...... calculations are requied.

a. little; simple

b. large; simple

c. large; complex

d. little; complex


Question 2:

The two basic types of record access methods are

a. sequential and randon

b. direct and immediate

c. sequential and indexed

d. on-line and real-time

e. none of above


Question 3:

Which file organization is allowed by a direct access storage device?

a. direct only

b. sequential and direct only

c. indexed and direct only

d. sequential, indexed and direct

e. none of above


Question 4:

Sequential file organization is most appropriate for which of following applications?

a. Grocery store checkout

b. bank checking account

c. payroll

d. airline reservations

e. none of above


Question 5:

Which of the following file organization is most effieient for a file with a high degree of file activity?

a. sequential



d. B-Tree

e. All of above


Question 6:

One disadvantage of a direct access file is:

a. the delay in computiong the storage address

b. duplication of address locations

c. unsued, but available, storage locations

d. all of above


Question 7:

All computers execute

a. BASIC programs

b. COBOL programs

c. Machine language program

d. FORTRAN programs

e. PL/1 programs


Question 8:

Which of the following is most oriented to scientific programming?




d. PL/1

e. RPG


Question 9:

All of the following are disadvantage of RPG except:

a. it is a very machine dependent language

b. it is very limited in scope

c. is not suited for complex problems requiring extensive programming logic

d. it has larger storage requierments

e. all of the above are disadvantages


Question 10:

Which of the following is not one of the process that a high level language program msut go through before it is ready to be executed?

a. translation

b. controlling

c. lading

d. linking

e. all of the above are necessary process



1. d     2. a     3. d     4. c     5. a     6. a     7. c   8. a     9. b.     10.a




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