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Affordable Online Courses in ICT Trends

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ICT Trends now offers some online courses at resonably affordable price and we truly appreciate the value it departs. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home and in your convenient time.

"It is truly a huge waste of time to reach up to the class and back home. To attend a class of one hour, I need to travel one and half hour bus ride. Online classes simply waived off the wastage time allowing me to focus more on learning and practicing!" - Ramila.

There are many happy members of ICT Trends who share the views of Ramila. Undoubtly, the best method to learn is to get reliable and most relevant study materials, mechanisms to test yourself and grade properly, and access to qualified instructor in case of any confusion and queries.

"Now, I don't need to wait for the teacher to come up to the topics I need to learn. I can skim and skip the content I've already mastered. This allows me to digg more on the new concepts and knowledge that are still new to me. Attending real classes, you never have this option. You must listen to everything the teacher is talking about, no matter if you've already done much of it."  - Bijay Budha

Wonderful experience of Bijay. Online courses help you to make best use of time by allowing you to spend more on needing topics and skipping the familiar ones. ICT Trends offers online text books that cover the indepth content for the prescribed chapters. This is the most reliable and relevant to the candidates of Computer Operator, Data Entry Supervisors and IT Assistant Posts.

ICT Trends eCourse on Fundamentals of Computers is probably the best online courses available of the kind. It specially offers four different sections to help you learn efficiently. Online text book - the best section to refer for in depth knowledge; Online MCQ Quiz - test yourself and make sure you've got the required skills and knowledge; User Question Forum - ask your questions and queries and finally Session eMails and Session Pages - that guides you through the online course.

Please visit

"Appreciate the effort to demonstrate method in videos. ICT Trends Videos are probably the quickest method to learn how to solve model questions."  -Jatin

ICT Trends has video demonstrations to show you how to sove the different questions of model question paper. It helps to verify if you're using the applications correctly.

Follow ICT Trends and join eCourse if you are preparing for Computer Operator examination for 2013!



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