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 There was a constant request and searches for C/C++ Multiple Choice Questions and other study resources in PS Exam and thus I've started a separate branch for C/C++ in PS Exam named cPlusPlus.psExam.com. This site will be more focused and more suitable for computer science students in +2 and BCA, BIT, Computer Science as well as to the candidates of Computer Officer Exams of Public Service Commission.


What we have dealt about C/C++ in PS Exam so far?



  1. Linked List Data Structure in C++
  2. Source Code of Stack Data Structure

Questions & Answers:

  1. Introduction to C/C++ Questions And Answers
  2. 100 C/C++ Exam Questions (Answers not included)
  3. Determine the output for these programs (with Answers and Explanations)

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with Explanation:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions Set 1 (20 MCQs of skill level 1 & 2)
  2. Answers to Multiple Choice Questions Set 1 with Explanation
  3. C++ Multiple Choice Questions Set 2 (20 MCQs of skill level 2&3)
  4. Answers to C++ Multiple Choice Questions Set 2 with Explanation
  5. C++ Multiple Choice Questions Set 3 (10 MCQs with Answers and Explanation of skill level 2-4)

Resource and Further Studies:

  1. C/C++ Video Tutorials for Beginners
  2. C++ Tutorial and Online eBook
  3. Teacher's Presentation on C++ Class [Download pdf file]