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3 Useful Open Courseware Classes in Computer Science

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As avenues of online learning become more and more successful and popular among academics and the mass public, other online facets of education are expanding. One such area is open courseware opportunities from major universities throughout the world. Colligate giants like Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, and many more offer free access to their classes online. These courses may provide lectures notes, video lectures, assignments, slideshows, tests, and reading materials from the original course as taught in the actual classroom. This open learning initiative is a big step for higher education. Now, anyone can become a student of MIT or Stanford to some degree or another. Computer sciences courses are some of the best represented classes in the open courseware world. Individuals wishing to refresh their knowledge on topics such as operating systems, programming languages, or databases can find free access to a course on the topic online. These three MIT open courseware classes are extremely useful to computer science geeks and professionals.

This class is aimed for students with very minimal to almost no experience with computer programming. It is a great course to check out if you think you need some basic reminders on the subject or if you think you are interested in a career in computer science of some sort. The class provides a very fundamental understanding of how computation is involved with solving problems. The course uses lecture videos, handouts, slides, code files, recitation videos by the course's TA, homework assignments, self-assessment tools, and further study materials.
This course is much more advanced than the previous one discussed and can be very useful to individuals interested in the C programming language. Exploring the C programming language, this class covers basic syntax and grammar, dynamic memory allocation, concurrency, and synchronization. There are daily programming assignments and weekly laboratory exercises students can access. C programming is a highly marketable skill in the "real world" of professional computer programming. Use this course to freshen your memory on some of the more practical aspects of the language. The free online course provides the class' syllabus, calendar, lecture notes, labs, and assignments for students to use and explore. </p>
Every computer programmer should have some level of familiarity with C++ programming. This MIT course covers a wide array of the topic, intending to serve those with little programming background and those with prior experience. The course covers all of the basic elements of C++ as well of some of the more specific constructs and concepts. Follow along the courses syllabus to find areas of the class that you think will particularly help you. With the ability and flexibility to jump around the course, you can skip out on areas of the course that do not serve your needs.
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