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Computer Operator Preparation Schedule

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Computer Operator Preparation Schedule Download this document

Duration: 1st Chaitra 2067 (15 March 2011) to End of Baishakh


Duration                        Topic                                                  Weightage
Chaitra 1 – 5                 Database Management System                5
Chaitra 5 – 8                 Presentation System                                   3
Chaitra 9 – 12               Webpage Designing                                   3
Chaitra 13 – 18            Operating system                                        5
Chaitra 19 – 29            Wordprocessing                                        10
Chaitra 29 – Baishakh 9 Spreadsheet Calculation                        10
Baishakh 10 – 25         Fundamentals of Computer                     14
Baishakh 25 -               Mock up Tests                                            -
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Preparation Session of Computer Operator Examination.
Public Service Commission has recently updated the syllabus of Computer Operator and Data Entry Supervisor. The topics are made more general rather than the proprietary names like Microsoft Word, Excel etc. The syllabus broadened its scope a bit with the topics such as Word processing applications, Spreadsheet calculation and so on. So should we study other packages other than Microsoft Office? Well, it won’t be that necessary and visible in question papers just this year, but we can sense where PSC course is heading towards. It would be an added benefit if you know what are the different applications available on each of those topics and if you can operate generally for the most popular ones.
On the other hand, there are Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 already released. PSC was asking questions based on 2003 version of Office package. Does the recent change in syllabus requires you to prepare Office 2007 and 2010 versions? The question is unanswered. I don’t find anywhere whom I can ask with.
Because the exam is competitive, there is nothing you should or should not study. If you know more than other candidates, that’s better otherwise it’s their luck. If you ask me, I’d suggest you to base your preparation in Office 2003 package and familiarize yourself with 2007 or 2010 version of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. I expect one or two questions from recent versions.
I hope my small assistance will be of use on your intensive preparation. Wish you all the best of luck.
~Suresh Khanal 
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