Computer Operator Preparation for 2068


Multiple Choice Questions for MS Access provided on 'MCQ Bank' section of PS Exam is damn 'Shit'! The questions are of 4 or 5 years old and mostly not relevant to the syllabus. They need to be replaced.

I know, and I'm going to replace them at earliest!  Smile From 1st Chaitra we are starting with MS Access and in that course all of those irrelevant MCQs will be gone!

Trying to make PS Exam more useful to the comptuer jobs exam preparation I always dreamed of helping candidates as closest as possible.  Now, I realize just listing the multiple choice questions and some articles won't help much.

So, something different this time! An integrated sessions! FROM 1st CHAITRA 2067. How?

1. Inform and Guide You

PS Exam will inform and guide you through the topics and events. We are dividing the Computer Operator course into different managable topics and deal each topic for specified number of days. The calendar will be published on 25th Falgun.

2. Materials and Resources

ICT Trends will provide you what to read, listen, watch and allow you to download a lot of PDF and DOC files. This time you'll find some documents written in Nepali. I know some of us are lagging due to language problem.

3. Mock up Exams 

Quiz.icttrends will conduct weekly mock up exams. It will also let you attempt practice quiz sessions. Go to and register your account there. Supply your correct data, I won't talk to somebody behind curtain Wink

4. Answer Your Questions

Learning is a two way process. I know and there should be some way you can ask your questions. I will be providing an email address so that you can mail your questions and confusions. They will be answered on ICT Trends. Wait till 25th Falgun for the email address where you can direct your questions.

This year you will enter the exam hall more confidently!