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Request for help on Coursework Submission System

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 These days, I remained extremely busy and hardly find any time to turn to my sites and interact. Still two more weeks till I will accomplish the task at hand and back to the sites again.

This post is intended to seek help on a programming project. I'd be thankful for any help to assist Litany. Please check Coursework Submission System for the specification of project.

The vacancy for computer operator position is already announced and exam is scheduled for Jestha. So, I'm going to talk a lot about Computer Operator for two months - Chaitra and Baishakh. We'll be dividing the syllabus and assign specific days for particular topics to discuss. I'm going to point you a heard of reading materials, quizes and MCQ collections so that you can attemp the exam confidently.

Did you notice the syllabus of Computer Operator and Data Entry Operator is been revised and there are a few topics changed. Start practicing Nepali Typing from right now - there is 15 marks Nepali Typing from this year. Ensure you have at least 35 wpm.

See you regularly from 1st Chaitra and wish you best of luck!



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