Dark Night is Over


All the trail started because frihost.net SMTP was blacklisted by Yahoo and I could not communicate with members having Yahoo address. I was continuously getting notices and complains of mails being blocked by Yahoo. Other than this, frihost.net was providing a fantastic hosting service all for free! I would still refer the new people and bloggers to signup with frihost.net for free hosting if you are not very concerned with contacting members with yahoo address.


This problem compeld me to look for alternative hosting where the email is not blacklisted. It was my great luck that I came into contact with Baba Pandey from medost.com. He offered great hosting all for free for my PS Exam. I enjoyed the hosting for these last 6 months or more. It was a paradise I must admit and always remain thankful to Baba! I'd be happy, if ever, I could offer him any service.


Finally, I moved to a paid hosting on HostGator. This was a necessary step, sooner or later. After medost.com was in trouble and the hosting service was down since two days, I tried to contact support. I was informed "Not to worry, it will resume again after a few days". A FEW DAYS? Oh my God! It was never possible to hold a site down for more than week. I know hosting will resume after a week and will continue for another year without problem. I made a decision. I must move sooner or later, why not to start my journey from right now?


Commenting system for a Joomla! site is not yet exciting and I believe I need to switch to WordPress. I'm very sad to lose New PS Exam since I could not transfer it to new hosting. I will have to start from scratch again. Any way the long dark night is over and welcome to the new shiny day!


I'm earning considerable money through this site with Adsense advertisements. But now it has to cover the hosting and domain charges. I wold be happy if I get some return to my time and effort I'm putting into it. I'd be thankful for any contributions and donations if you are able to spare a few cents to help PS Exam sustain and keep helping students.