Great How-To sites to help you learn technology!


These tech-focused sites offer help to both technophiles and beginners alike.

  1. actDEN: Never learned how to use Microsoft Excel? Now you can with free tutorials on this site, offering education on a number of computer programs.
  2. How-to Geek: From setting up to fixing problems, this site will help you learn to get your gadgets up and running.
  3. W3Schools: Learn just about anything you could want to know about Web design and development from the large number of tutorials on this site.
  4. KillerSites: Here you’ll find loads of free info on web design and hosting.
  5. Productivity Portfolio: Are you really not good with technology? Here you’ll find tutorials designed just for you, with simple 5-minute lessons on the basics of programs like Outlook and Firefox.
  6. Tweako: This site is home to numerous tutorials focused on technology, programming and the net.
  7. Vista4Beginners: Many people find Vista hard to navigate, and if you’re one of them you can find help on this site, filled with great tutorials.
  8. Digital Arts: From tips on using Photoshop to what it takes to make great web designs, this site will help you embrace the creative side of technology.
  9. InPictures: With tutorials that come complete with visual representations of how to do everything, this site is perfect for the visual learner.
  10. N Design Studio: This site is focused on Dreamweaver and Illustrator, providing a wide range of tutorials.
  11. NetTuts: Check out this site if you’re in need of a little help with a web development project or want to learn more about programming on the internet.
  12. Geekpedia: Here you’ll find tutorials on just about every programming language you could want to learn.
  13. MuppetLabs: Programmers and aspiring geeks alike can find numerous tutorials here on languages like C++ and Perl.

Happy Learning!