How to perform warm boot on Windows?


Restart Dialog BoxWhen you switch on your computer or restart the computer the default set is 'Cold Boot' which means starting the BIOS and your Windows. Starting a computer takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds on average computer configuration. It takes 30 seconds to boot up BIOS and one minute for Windows.


In many situations such as installing new software require you to reboot your computer, but remember, there is no need to reboot the BIOS too! You can perform 'warm boot' which is just to reload windows files retaining BIOS information intact in RAM. Now, how to perform 'warm boot' in windows?


Restart Computer

The process is simple and

shocking. All you need to do is hold 'Shift' key on your keyboard whe

n you click Restart or click OK button. This simple information can speed up 33% of your res

tarting time!