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6 Effective Rules For Ensuring Learning With The IPad Is Effective

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iPads and Tablets for StudentsIPads and tablets are entering the classroom with lightning speed and rightly so, they are wonderful devices for education and can provide a number of benefits. However, there are certainly some ground rules for effective learning with the device and we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourites here.


Reminding pupils of expectations on a daily basis will mean people won’t disrespect the technology and use it for things it shouldn’t be used for. Be sure to have a number of goals to ensure that your students use the iPad to the upmost of its potential. Be sure to update and change these expectations too, as things change and evolve and your rules will also need to.

Don’t Use

The iPad doesn’t have to be used at all times and often there will be occasions when it’s of no more use than a piece of chalk. IPads and tablets are no more than tools that facilitate learning and this means if you don’t think they are fit for the task at hand, don’t use them for the sake of it.


Expectations of Use

The expectations for the iPad use should be clearly set out. This means that even if you’re sick and a substitute teacher comes in to take over, you have a list of the expectations for use of the device. Substitute teachers won’t know the limitations of use, unless you let them know. If you don’t let them know then you will end up causing significant problems and children will spend their time on social media or playing angry birds. This undermines all the hard work you’ve already put into the classroom and can cause issues.

Class Begins

Each class should begin the same to ensure a routine is set and you should establish what needs to be done with iPads before the class begins - we understand this at Should they be left under desks or taken out. Often teachers prefer leaving iPads away until their needed as otherwise it can mean it’s harder to settle a class down and it’s a lot more trouble. So, establish this to prevent issues.

What’s the Goal?

You need to use your tools with a goal in mind and not merely for the sake of using them. Design a goal to implement initially and base it around the best use for the iPad. Think of different ways the iPad can be used to meet targets and help students learn.

Organise it

Help students organise their digital lives by showing them how to make the most of tools such as Google Calendars, drive or DropBox. Doing this will save them time and will also help you out too as there’s no issues with their organisation. So, take some time and teach them how to make the most of their items. 

These tips can make using an iPad a far easier and smoother task and also mean that you make the most of the items as a tool for education – something that’s not always the case.

Cormac Reynolds has written for a number of years on the area of education. He's a writer and a lover of tech as an aid in school.

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