Multiple Choice Questions and forthcoming Computer Officer Exam


 Public Service Commission has noticed a vacancy of 5 positions on open competition and 1 seat on internal competition for Computer Officer position and I can understand that you all are expecting heavy materials to prepare forthcoming exam. I'm trying to collect as much possible and present through ICT Trends website with a hope that this small effort can be useful to bring your efforts into colors.

Though I can't do much, but I'll always try.  I'll be glad to read your comments if you liked the contents shared and heartily grateful  to anyone who share the related and useful materials such as Multiple Choice Questions or Short Questions and Answers as well as Class Notes and Teacher's Slides - whatever you believe are helpful to students.

Please find 10 sets of Multiple Choice Questions from System Analysis and Design topic at

Last week I was looking at the algorithms and testing some codes. You can find the source codes and lecture videos on ICT Trends. Check out the links in ICT Trends and wish you best of luck for your exams.