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Multiple Choice Questions and Sample Tests to Prepare Computer Operator Exam

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     This post is about the resources to prepare Computer Operator Examination such as Sample Multiple Choice Questions and Online Tests. The Computer Operator syllabus includes the topics such as Fundamentals of Computers (History, Generation, Classification, System, Media, Peripherals, Security, Networking and IT Policy), Operating Systems, Word Processing Systems, Spreadsheet Calculation, Database Management Systems, Presentation System and Website Designing.

Chaitra is towards the end, and the bell starts to ring! There is one last month before you sit for the exam. I hope you are doing good and developed more confidence. I'm happy with your participation in this preparation sessions and glad I could help you in some way.

This post talks about some other sites that can be helpful to sharpen your preparation. They are freely available on Internet, so make maximum use of them! by Ganesh Maharjan

Ganesh Maharjan holds a Masters Degree of Science in Information Technology. Permanent resident of Lalitpur and working in Ministry of Educations, he has started a blog named MCQ Questions. Currently you can find 8 sets of Fundamentals of Computers, 2 sets of Operating Systems, 7 sets in MS Word, 7 sets in MS Excel, 3 sets in PowerPoint, 3 sets in MS Access and 3 sets in HTML. He says he is continually adding more questions. I guess it is worth visiting.

You don't need to register to read the content here.

Visit MCQ Questions here


ProProfs Quiz Network

If you noticed, there were some quizes published in ICT Trends through ProProfs. This is a large network of Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Yes/No Questions and short question sets. Many users create the questions and others can attempt them. This is a good network to browse through and look if there is something useful. I recommend it to visit whenever you have free time!

Many of the good question sets require you to register on ProProfs though some can be attemped without!

Visit ProProfs here

As you are aware, I am working actively to help preparing this examination. So following are my efforts in this direction.

ICT Trends

Everybody can't be online to study and prepare all the time. So I wished to let them download the content and study offline. This is my blog where I offer to download PDF files of MCQs, Notes and anything that can be helpful to study. You can download almost all of the Question sets that we are practicing on Comptuer Operator Preparation Sessions. If some of them are not there yet, they will be very soon.

No need to register. Just visit and go through. Download whatever you need.

Visit ICT Trends here

Quiz on ICT Trends

This is another effort I made. Listing questions and just printing the correct answers at the bottom won't help much for the candidates who are preparing for competitive exams. Practice Quiz! Yes, practice quizes that presents the question paper, lets you attempt it and displays how much you could score; should be a real assist! That's why I started

All the questions presented there are created manually and I paid an utmost care to make them error free; and the standard, that meets the prescribed syllabus of Public Service Commission.

I'm able to cover Fundamentas, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTMl and Access. There are lot more questions to come till the end of Baishakh.

And yes, we will be practicing with all of the previous years question papers and some other sample question papers as Mock Up Exam towards the end of Baishakh. So follow closely and stay tuned.

The site requires to register your account and verify email address before you can attempt the quiz offered there.

Visit Quiz on ICT Trends

Some Suggestions

It might not be possible to check the sites everyday to see if anything new is available. You can subscribe to the feeds so that you'll receive an email whenever new content is added.

Subscribe to ICT Trends :

1. Click Here to subscribe.

2. Enter your email address on first box in resulting page. Similarly, enter the word shown there with red color on second box.

3. Go to your email inbox and verify the activation link.

Great! Now you will get an email when you have something new to read on ICT Trends.


Register Quiz on ICT Trends

If you register to Quiz on ICT Trends, I'm sending an email when there is new quiz to attempt or there are some corrections necessary to bring into your attention.

1. Click Here to go to registration page.

2. Fill up the form. The fields marked * are compulsory. You must fill up those fields. Click Submit after you fill all the required fields.

3. Go to your email inbox and click the activation link.

Great! You'll always get informed whenever required to.

Note: I truly respect your privacy and assure that your email address will not be disclosed or used in any other purpose other than the mentioned.

Thank you for your time and wish you best of luck for the exams.

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