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PSC Allowed The Question Papers Take Home

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ExaminationThe PSC exam of Computer Operator for both posts (Bibidh Sewa & Sansad Sewa) are recently over and you can find the solved question papers of this exam on ICT Trends.

It was more than surprise! PSC never allowed in history but this time, candidates were allowed to take home the objective question paper of written examination. This helped to check their answers against the correct answers and have somewhat rough idea about their score, on one hand, and on the other revealed the ugly facet of Public Service Commission - how careless an exam board could be. 

We'll talk about the question paper after some time, but what worried me more is how they recorded and distributed the admition cards for the examinaiton. I made a visit to Lok Sewa Aayog, central office Anamnagar as well as the central regional directorate to resolve an issue of two candidates having same symbol number. What could be more disgusting than this? The PSC staff are not only totally irresponsible but they damn care the problem a candidate is facing due to their mistakes.

Human error, anybody can understand, but after a mistake is already committed, should you not behave responsible and help the victim to overcome worries? "Registers are already sent to central office, nothing is here", "Its the job of regional office, we can't do anything". We made three trips to regional and central, trying to look on registers and verify if there were two candidates with same symbol numbers.

The more frustrating is when you know that its not only one or two accidental cases. We overheard the staffs talking - it may be whole bundles of Admit cards with repeated symbol numbers. The names on the admit card chit is not written on registers and for the names on registers they were not finding the admit cards. Funny!

I'm afraid, if they will do any hard work to find all those missing admit cards and rectify the problems. What if they just tried to save themselves by removing the names that did not match? What if the toil of a candidate is just swiped off? They don't need to show results for all applicants.

I wonder if Lok Sewa Ayog started to respect the 'Right to Information'? I wonder why it started to give the objective question papers away? We had to submit question papers along with the answer sheets in previous years. Because PSC gave it, we could check and verify our answers. Thanks to PSC for this transparancy.

You can find the solved question papers on the links below:

Computer Operator (Bibidh Sewa):

Computer Operator (Sansad Sewa)

Along with this plausible transparency, we can peep into how careless it is in composing, editing/proofing and approving the final version of question paper. The paper is full of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, very illformed and meaningless sentences. More disgusting, there was a question that did not have any correct option in it!

Public Service Commission is very reputable and renouned for the fairness it has proved throughout all these years. I wish it put a bit more care on these minute issues and don't let the candidates feel cheap of it.

Best wishes to all the candidates! Good luck!

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