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Watch Videos and Learn How to Solve Practical Questions

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What could be better than showing you how to solve the questions practically! Rather than long text and a lot of steps organized, videos can be a quick and most effective way to deliver the skills.

With that in mind, I'm started with creating video solutions of Practical Model Questions. A few of them are uploaded and published. You can watch those videos in

If you have not got the PDF file of Computer Operator Practical Examination Model Question Sets, please visit ICT Trends and download it from there.

Video demonstration to prepare practical exam of computer operator 

Solution to MS Word Question

Starting with Set 01 of Computer Operator Practical Examination Model Question Set 01, I've uploaded the video demonstrating the solution to MS Word Question.

The question asked to enter given text with some textual formatting such as underline, super script and hyperlink. It asks you to create a drop cap on a specified paragraph with given size, font and distance between the drop cap and paragraph. It also expects you to apply the border and shadding on a particular paragraph, then, apply indentation on left and right. Finally the question makes you to insert a header and one footnote.

Please visit ICT Trends site to watch video. Click here to go to the MS Word Practical Solution Page.

Solution to MS Excel Question

The Question B is about the tasks you need to do in MS Excel. There is a simple data entry and applying border. The second and third questions are about composing formula and determine the rate and interest. The fourth question is a bit tricky - find the correct loan duration so that you can get given interest. You'll use Goal Seek tool in Excel to determine the correct value for number of years.

Apart from these tasks, the question also expects you to apply asked border and shadding on the data sheet, and, insert required header and page number.

I've demonstrated how you can do it using Microsoft Excel in my video. Please visit ICT Trends and find the post about Solution to Excel Practical Questions. Click here to go to the Excel Solution page.

Solution to MS Access Question

The third question (Question #C) is about MS Access and there are three tasks to complete. It asks you to create a database on given name, create two tables (students and fees) with given fields and set primary keys.  The second question in Access is to configure a field in fees table so that it will produce a drop down list while entering data and the list should contain the names of students pulled from Students table. You'll use Lookup Wizard to achieve this. 

Finally you are expected to create a query that displays required data from both the tables.

There's a video demonstrating how to solve this question. Please visit ICT Trends and look for the post about Solution to MS Access Practical Question. Click here to go to the Access Solution page.



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