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Solved Computer Officer Question Paper and Updates

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It's been time to update PS Exam members and user since I've already posted lot of materials on ICT Trends.

I'ts been some gap posting here in PS Exam, as you know, I'm much focused on ICT Trends (another site for the same purpose). Its not because PS Exam is not working fine, there are great number of new members registering in PS Exam. But because, the domain name contained sex (, I'm notified that many web and mail filters are blocking this website. So, finally decided, its better to move gradually to


Solved Computer Officer Exam Questions

Draw a graph and illustrate how depth-first search and breadth-first search differ

I have tried to answer this question, which was asked in Computer Officer Exam conducted by Public Service Commission in 2010, the way that deserves the allocated 10 marks. A general graph is selected and illustrated the difference when traversing in Depth-First Search (DFS) and Breadth-First Serarch (BFS) fashion.

This was question asked from Data Structures and Algorithms chapter.

Go to the answer page

What do you mean by normalization of database? Normalize any relational database using 3NF and write differences between BCNF and 3NF

This was another question asked in same exam (Computer Officer Exam in 2010 conducted by Public Service Commission). The question is from Database Management System. It carried 10 marks and I've tried to answer this question all that in mind.

Go to the Answer Page – Normalization of Database

Write about the role of controller (Digital Certifying Authority) as mentioned in Electronic Transaction Act of Nepal

A question from IT and Law chapter asked in Computer Officer Examination 2010 conducted by Public Service Commission. It carried 10 marks and I've tried to solve it the best possible way.

Go to the page – Role of certifying authority as in ETA (Electronic Transaction Act

Write a program using C++ to create a payroll system of any organization. Use functions for updating, displaying and deleting the record of given payroll system

Another question from same exam (Computer Officer Exam conducted by Public Service Commission in 2010) carrying 10 marks.


I've presented a complete working program that should be suitable as the answer to this question. A data file "data.dat" is used as database of the program and there are functions to input, display, update and modify records of Payroll System of any organization. It can't be said complete Payroll System but I believe the program is sufficient to demonstrate the skills required by the question asked. It must deserve that 10 marks.


Got to the page to view source code and download

Practical Lab Sheet

Practical Lab Sheet MS Word Character Formatting

I realize that there are very less materials that will help trainees to practice the skills they have learned. It would obviously be useful if you have a set of Practical Lab Sheets that would cover all the aspects of the topic in hand. Thus, I've started to prepare practical lab sheets for MS Word and the first sheet is Character Formatting.

You can find the image version of the document to attempt imitating. Required text and doc files are available to download

When all these sheets will be completed, I'm sure they can be a useful reference for training institutes and students to sharpen their skills

Go to Practical Lab Sheet MS Word Character Formatting


Learning C++

Function to Center Align Text in C++ Program

Just Press Ctrl + E in MS Word and the text is center aligned. It was that easy. When started to write a program in C++, at first looked for any built in function that would center my text in console.

None of the classes and there were no ready-made function to align center? Very amusing. you have to write your own function for this. Do you know how to write a function to align text center in C++ programs?

Go to the Page – Function to center align text in C++

Problem using getline() after cin

Total confusing for beginning programmer. We use getline as an easy way to input string data in our string variables. Similarly cin is most convenient when you need to input any type of data. Because cin could not help you input multiple words into a single string variable, it required to use getline function.

Now, the problem is, if you input an integer value using cin and then input string using getline(), you will find your program did not let user type the string data. It completely skipped to input string!


What is the reason? What is the solution for this problem?


Find the solution here


Some important Downloads about C++

Download Pointers and Memory Class Notes

Understanding and to be able to handle Pointers is one of the best power you'll achieve over computer programming. These are the pointers that made C++ programming so powerful as well as dangerous!

Here is a short concise and best class note PDF File to download.


Go to the download page

Download Linked Lists Basics Class Notes

Another important class note PDF File to download from the same source. This note will help you understand linked list data structure through C++ programming. A most recommended

Go to the download Page



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