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How Students can transform into Successful Job seekers

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Student job seekers don’t tend to have it easy. Whether you’re looking for a part time job to fund your time at University, or are looking for your break in the real world, it’s hard.

How Students can become good job seekers?


However, one of the most important parts of the whole process is maintaining the right attitude. Attitude is so much when it comes to finding a job and though it’s hard, staying positive will get you work that suits your skillset and abilities. Rejection is part of the job finding game and the more determined tend to be the ones that are the most successful. There are more hurdles nowadays than there have been for a long time; this means that you need to be determined to find a good job. However, now that you’ve finished university and have settled in at home, nothing should stand in your way.


Open Minded

Being open minded is another very important trait when it comes to looking for a job. There are plenty of jobs out there, though many will not always be the ones you dreamed of. That said, finding a hob tends to lead to other opportunities and so keeping an eye on vacancies outside of your initial consideration can still throw up great opportunities. Keeping your options open allows you the opportunity to exponentially increase your chances of employment.


The more skills you tend to have, the more employable you tend to be. This means that you should be looking for opportunities to add to your skillset and make yourself more employable at all times. Having knowledge outside of your initial education can be something that will sell you to an employer. These are all sorts of beneficial extra things that can be learned and often at university they are offered at a far lower cost than in the real world. Up skilling like this makes you more employable and of more worth to a business, so it may not only get you a job, but also better pay.

Sort out that CV

A lot of students have never worked or applied for jobs in the real world before and don’t tend to understand the importance of the CV. However, working on the CV and making more of it will be something that provides significant levels of benefit and will greatly increase the chance of you finding a job. CVs and cover letters should reflect the specific job being applied for and they can be the thing that puts you in a strong position as the number one candidate before you even get to interview. So, focus on them.


If you do get as far as an interview, then you should prepare thoroughly for it. This will involve you learning about the history of the company, the role and also preparing questions to ask yourself. There is an immense amount to do but it’s generally those that are prepared to seize the day that will end up with a job they’ve always wanted. So, follow this advice and you will hopefully get the job of your dreams and make the most of your degree.


Cormac Reynolds writes for UK baggage company Uni Baggage and has worked in the student baggage arena for a decade. He sees these tips as pivotal for getting on in the workplace and landing your dream job.




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