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Technology - the double edged sword?

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The rapid and unprecendented advancement of technology has aroused a debate ever since it is felt developing. Has our dependency on technology inviting even more complicated problems in the days to come?


Following is an article by Steven Magill from in the topic 'Has Technology Changed Our Lives?'


This is the information age. The advent of the Internet has made global communication inexpensive and available to everyone. It has affected the very way we communicate and transact. The information age has made businesses compete in an almost level playing field. These days, you can have your website optimized by an SEO expert so that the website can even be read in welsh. We are in the days where we can purchase things using our personal computer, where we can talk, hear and see loved ones or ones we want to love over web cameras. The convergence of technology has made cell phones become almost a part of us and overseas telephone communication cost has gone down especially with telephony and the like. We are all connected in that sense and the cost of personal computers have gone down to sub 1000 dollars and even sub 500 dollar levels. You can even get a pretty good net book for less than 500 dollars. The question is if we are too dependent on technology these days?


The answer is: it depends. We have used technology to make more informed choices in so many fields. Because of technology, there is less need for invasive surgery to see which areas need to be repaired. Scanning technology has enabled doctors to see inside of men and in three dimensions, giving them a clearer and better picture of the diseased part. In this area, technology has been helpful. In another matter, the answer is yes. The use of calculators has made us lazy to add, subtract and divide and it has in one sense, made us spoiled. It has however expedited matters and made us more efficient in calculating in areas in astro physics and quantum mechanics. With the aid of technology, man has ventured into space and beyond.


Has technology been helpful to society in general? Technology is a double edged sword and it can be used for good or evil. In this sense, technology is and will always be a tool, an aid for man. It is perhaps up to man to do whatever he wishes to do so. The Internet was initially developed for military purposes as a way to detonate a bomb or launch a missile when all forms of telephone communications were down. The Internet would find a way through a series of nodes and communication channels, most of them submerged in the ocean through submarine cables, to enable someone to launch something. Now, from the military usage, the Internet has become a global library, a communication tool, an instant post office, and even a buying station. It is what it is for we make it what it is.




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