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C Functions MCQ Set - 9

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Set 9


Question 1:

A function can not be overloaded only by its return type.

a. True

b. False


Question 2:

A function can be overloaded with a different return type if it has all the parameters same.

a. True

b. False


Question 3:

Inline functions involves some additional overhead in running time.

a. True

b. False


Question 4:

A function that calls itself for its processing is known as

a. Inline Function

b. Nested Function

c. Overloaded Function

d. Recursive Function


Question 5:

We declare a function with ______ if it does not have any return type

a. long

b. double

c. void

d. int


Question 6:

Arguments of a functions are separated with

a. comma (,)

b. semicolon (Wink

c. colon (Smile

d. None of these


Question 7:

Variables inside parenthesis of functions declarations have _____ level access.

a. Local

b. Global

c. Module

d. Universal


Question 8:

Observe following function declaration and choose the best answer:

int  divide ( int a, int b = 2 )

a. Variable b is of integer  type and will always have value 2

b. Variable a and b are of int type and the initial value of both variables is 2

c. Variable b is international scope and will have value 2

d. Variable b will have value 2 if not specified when calling function


Question 9:

The keyword endl

a. Ends the execution of program where it is written

b. Ends the output in cout statement

c. Ends the line in program. There can be no statements after endl

d. Ends current line and starts a new line in cout statement.


Question 10:

Strings are character arrays. The last index of it contains the null-terminated character

a. \n

b. \t

c. \0

d. \1




1. a. True

2. b. False

3. a. True

4. d. Recursive Function

5. c. Void

6. a. Comma (,)

7. a. Local

8. d. Variable b will have value 2 if not specified when calling function

9. d. Ends current line and starts a new line in cout statement

10. c. \0




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