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Microsoft Windows - 100 How Tos You Need to Know to Say You Know Microsoft Windows

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Completed Computer Basic Course? or Are You Preparing

Computer Operator Exam? Test how much you’ve learned.

There is no end of learning. Each study is vast enough. When you talk about Microsoft Windows, I doubt if you argue that it might take ages to master. Disagree? How many times you cared to learn ‘Adding TCP or UDP port to allow a service run through firewall?’ or ‘identified that your virtual memory should be increased’ or ‘Decide when to stop or restart a service’ or there might be many others that require attention of only a few top techs.
Here I am going to point out those essential aspects of Microsoft Windows that are required for anybody who is studying Basic Course on Computer or who is preparing Computer Operator Exam of Lok Sewa Ayog (Public Service Commission), or any other similar institutions.

Ask following questions to yourself. If you can answer all of these questions positively, congratulations, you’ve learned very good.

100 Things You Need to Know to Say You Know Microsoft Windows

1.    How to apply an image as desktop wallpaper?

2.    I don’t want the wallpapers, but fill the desktop with patterns, could you do it?

3.    How to fit a small image to cover the desktop as wallpaper?

4.    My wallpaper is displayed only on the center, How to make it cover whole desktop?

5.    I want to repeat a small image to cover whole portion of desktop. How to do it?

6.    Throw all wallpapers and patterns. Just apply a plain soothing color for my desktop.

7.    I don’t know what runs on my computer whenever I go outside for sometime. My screen is restored only when I move the mouse. What comes and covers my screen? How to get rid of it?

8.    I enabled my marquee screen saver but got some problems like marquee flicker, move erratically, or move too fast across the screen. How to set it?

9.    There is some program running whenever my computer is idle and when I wish to resume my work and move mouse or press keyboard, windows ask me password. Please remove this feature. I want my screen immediately after I press any key on keyboard. Can't I make screen saver password locks unavailable?

10.    I hate blue colors everywhere. At least make my title bars appear on green color.

11.    I want ‘scroll effect’ for transitions on menu and tool tips. Can you set it please?

12.    When I drag a window only rectangular frame is dragged. When I drop only then the window moves. I want the window content to move when I’m dragging. How to set this?

13.    On my menu the access keys used to be underlined but nowadays it is underlined only when I press Alt. Could you fix it please?

14.    Icons on my desktop and folders are changed too large. Could you please resume the previous size?

15.    Everything on my screen is displayed very small. It’s hard for me to read. Could you please enlarge it a bit?

16.    The colors displayed now are not as smooth and nice as it used to be, which setting might have been changed?

17.    My screen flickers a lot. Is there any way to control it, so that the display is smooth and soothing to eye?

18.    Why is my monitor off when I left my computer idle for about 10 minutes? Can’t I make it 30 minutes?

19.    I wish my computer go to hibernate if I left it idle for 30 minutes. Could you do the settings?

20.    When I press Power button on my computer, it goes to sleep mode. Can you make it to shut down?

21.    ‘Hibernate’ is missing on my ‘Turn Off Computer’ confirmation box. Replace ‘Stand By’ with ‘Hibernate’ there.

22.    How can I disable ‘Hibernate’ option for my computer?

23.    I deleted ‘My Computer’ icon from desktop a few weeks ago. Please help me to restore it.

24.    I want to store the contents of ‘My Documents’ folder to D drive permanently. Could you configure ‘My Documents’ to store in D drive?

25.    I would rather prefer some fancy icons for my Windows. Is there facility to change these system icons?

26.    What is windows theme and how to change it?

27.    Windows task bar is hidden automatically whenever I move mouse somewhere else and displays when I point to task bar area. How to make it visible all the time?

28.    Start button and task bar is docked at the left in vertical manner. I tried to drag it to the bottom, but it does not come. How to set it at the bottom of desktop?

29.    When I maximize any window, it covers the task bar. I wish the task bar visible all the time. Please set this to me.

30.    There used to be a small area near start button on task bar from where I could launch some most frequently needed applications, but this area is now vanished. How to retrieve it?

31.    There is no clock on the system tray on my windows. I’m using Windows XP. Can I set clock at the system tray so that I could be aware of time always?

32.    My system tray area has shrunken and a small left facing arrow in a circle button displayed. How can I regain the whole area of my system tray?

33.    I am using Windows XP Professional but the start menu looks like that of Windows 98. Do I need to reinstall Windows XP to get that Windows XP like start menu?

34.    Icons on the left panel of start menu are changed to be very small. I loved those large icons. Could you do the settings please?

35.    The lower left portion of start menu contains icons of my used applications. I want to remove them and fresh start.

36.    I want firefox instead of Internet explorer at the top left of start menu. Could you change it for me please?

37.    The cursor on my application blinks slow and sluggish, I want the cursor bit more active. Make it blink faster please.

38.    The vertical line cursor is very thin, so difficult to identify it. Can it be made a bit thick?

39.    The time displayed in system tray is not correct according to my watch. How to correct it?

40.    There used to be tasks pane on the left side of every folder window but it is missing. How to display the tasks pane there?

41.    Whenever I double click a folder icon, it opens in a new window. It would be better if it opened on same window. From where to change this setting?

42.    My desktop behaves like web page. Icons and descriptions appear as if they were hyper-links. Just a click opens them. I want to set it to double click as it was earlier.

43.    I want to hide some files and folders so that it is not displayed on lists. How to hide them?

44.    I made some files and folders hidden. Now they are not displayed. I want to show them again. How to do it?

45.    Extensions of some files are removed automatically and the file name only is displayed. How to display the extensions too?

46.    My pdf files are opened by FoxReader when I double click on them and the file icon too is of F    FoxReader. I want Acrobat Reader to open all pdf files. How to change it?

47.    There are some photos stored in ‘My Picture’ folder. Can you display them as slide show?

48.    A photo stored in ‘My Pictures’ folder is rotated upside down. How to fix it?

49.    My boss asked me to copy some selected files into his CD. Please help me.

50.    There is a new business application installed in my computer but its icon is not on start menu. I need to open the drive and folder to double click its exe file icon. How can I make it such that I could click once on start menu?

51.    My disk is excessively fragmented. Which software I need to purchase to defragment my disks?

52.    I suspect there are some bad sectors in my disk. How can I verify and patch up bad sectors if they exist?

53.    I downloaded a program from Internet and run that setup.exe file. The program is installed and now I don’t need that program. Could you suggest me please, how to remove that program now?

54.    I purchased a new email address today. They have given me the address = This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , pop =, SMTP = And they say that rest settings are default. Could you please configure my outlook express to use this email please?

55.    I want my favorite site as the default site for my Internet explorer, so that whenever I open Internet Explorer PS Exam site opens automatically. How to configure it?

56.    Internet Information Service (IIS) is not installed by default when Windows is installed. IIS is required to operate websites locally. I have Windows installation CD, can you install IIS please?

57.    When filling up forms in web pages, Internet explorer has stored my passwords. I wish to clear those passwords. Could you help me please?

58.    When filling up forms in web pages, values for some fields are automatically suggested. I wish to clear those values of fields of forms. How to do it?

59.    I could not open web pages. When I made a call to Network Administrator he said I need to set as proxy server. How to set it?

60.    I have purchased an Internet connection from wordlink and they have given me hunting number = 1500, username = psexam and password = education site. Could you create a dialup connection for me please?

61.    Whenever I click on email address on webpage or documents, it automatically opens Outlook Express when I handle my emails with Microsoft Outlook 7. How can I make it open
Microsoft Outlook instead of Outlook Express when I click on email address?

62.    All the images in any of the web pages are displayed as rectangular boxes without image. How can I make it display images?

63.    In my browser there is not ‘Go’ button after address bar. How to pug that button?

64.    I lost address bar on my folders and browsers, how to regain it?

65.    I need to copy around 900 files continuous in the list to pen drive. How can I select those files easily?

66.    I need to copy some files which are not continuous in list. How can I select those files to copy?

67.    I have 40 photos stored in a folder which are named randomly. I need to rename all of them as photo(1), photo(2) and so on. Is there any easy way to do it?

68.    When I press and hold any character on keyboard the character repeats but very slowly. I wish the repeat rate be bit faster if possible. Can you do it?

69.    I am left handed. The setting of mouse is configured for right handed people. The left button for them is right button for me and vice versa. How can I set it for me?

70.    I need to double click the icons very rapidly to open applications or folders, which most of the time I fail. Can you decrease a bit this double clicking speed?

71.    The default mouse pointers are boring for me. Are there any other mouse pointers available? How to change it?

72.    The mouse pointer moves very slowly when I move mouse. How can I increase the speed of cursor movement when I move mouse?

73.    When a dialog box opens, the mouse pointer jumps to the default button of that dialog box. Sometimes this is very deceiving. I want to remove this option.

74.    When I move mouse the pointer moves with lots of other pointers following it. This is very disturbing. Can you remove the trail please?

75.    I wish the mouse pointer is hidden when I start typing and appear again when I move mouse. Can you configure this setting?

76.    When scrolling with the wheel of mouse the page scrolls only about 2 or three lines. Thus, I need to scroll the wheel too much. Is there any way to increase the number of line scrolls when moving the wheel?

77.    By mistake, I happened to send a large number of copies to print. I took the papers out from the printer to stop printing unnecessarily. But now whenever I feed paper and turn on printer same copies are printed. How can I get rid of it?

78.    By default the currency symbol is set to be $ but I need Rs. How can I set the currency symbol?

79.    I installed the Nepali Unicode Language Pack, now how to enable it so that I can type in Nepali?

80.    I lost volume control icon from my system tray. How can I place a volume control icon on system tray again?

81.    The windows sounds are enabled in my system. So, it produces sound when I minimize, maximize windows, when a device is connected or disconnected. All I want to do is change sounds to some sweet sounds I have obtained. Will you help me to change these sounds?

82.    How can I know how much RAM is installed in my computer? Do I need to open casing?

83.    I need to change the name of my computer for LAN. Please set it ITDept under PSEXAM workgroup.

84.    I do not care about the appearance but my computer should provide me optimum performance. How can I ensure it?

85.    My desktop, windows and components looks very basic and flat. I wish some visual effects be applied. How to do it?

86.    From where can I increase the size of virtual memory specified?

87.    I have installed two operating systems on my computer. When I start computer it displays operating systems to choose for about 30 seconds. I wish if it was displayed only for 10 seconds. How to modify it to suit?

88.    I have installed Windows 98 and Windows XP on my computer. Now by default Windows XP is started. I wished Windows 98 be loaded by default. How can I set this?

89.    Whenever some error occurs on windows, it prompts to send error report. I want to disable this feature if possible. Can you do it for me?

90.    How can I find out which display adapter is installed in my computer?

91.    There is no sound in my computer. I don’t know if the sound card drivers are installed or not. How can I verify if sound card driver is installed?

92.    My computer was perfect before I installed this new driver for my scanner. But after I install new driver, it has started giving problems. I have heard that we can restore windows to previous stage. How to restore it back?

93.    I need to operate two computers, one in my room and one upstairs. I’m tired to walking to and fro. Is there any way so that I could connect to the computer upstairs and operate from my own computer?

94.    My brother asks to play his favorite computer games. I’m afraid if he changes any system settings unknowingly. Can I grant some limited privilege and leave computer to him

95.    It has been too old; I want to change the password of my user account. How to change it?

96.    I want to remove the welcome screen and better display the dialog box to enter username and password to log on the Windows. How to change it?

97.    How to enable User Switching option so that I could log on to another account without closing applications in one account.

98.    I need to go upstairs to turn off a computer everyday. Is there any way so that I could shut that computer from my own computer in my room?

99.    Could you create a back up copy of windows registry?

100.    I need to send around 500 small text files via email. Can I compress those file and create archive so that I could send one or two files?




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