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Attempt Multiple Choice Questions Quiz - Test Your Skills Yourself

Attempt Multiple Choice Questions Quiz

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 We have collected a number on online mcq quiz that helps to test yourself. You will be directed to external sites where you can log in through yoru Facebook or Google account and attempt quiz. Wish you good luck.




Visit Online MCQ Quiz


Online MCQ Quiz helps you to practice and test your knowledge on the topic. Most of the competitive exams choose to test students using online MCQ quiz. The site we are referring here presents online mcq quiz for following topics.

Fundamentals of Computers
Includes the topics such as History of Computer, Computer Generation, Types of Computers, Input Devices,Output Devices, Storage Devices, Computer System and its architecture, Software, Computer Viruses.

Computer Netwroking
This section includes the questions from Transmission Media, Its types, Connectors, Computer Network, Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, Network Services, Servers, Clients, Types of Computer Network, Protocol, Topologies, Network Standards, Ethernet, ARCNet, Token-Passing, Network Architecture, Network Model, Important Network Terminologies.

Microsoft Word 2003
Includes basic to intermediate level multiple choice questions from Microsoft Word 2003.

Microsoft Excel 2003
The objective questions for Microsoft Excel 2003 includes from basic concept up to intermediate level. Excel Screen Interface, Features, Uses of Excel, Charts and Graphs, Functions and Formulas, What If Analysis and so on.

MS PowerPoint 2003
The objective questions for Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 includes from basic concept up to intermediate level. PowerPoint Screen Interface, Features, PowerPoint Templates, Animations, Transitions, and so on.





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