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Fundamental of Computer PDF Download

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Here is the fundamental of computer PDF file to download.

Though the term fundamental connotates something basic or the preliminary but in Computer Studies fundamentals of computer refer to those theory topics. You need to study the chapters like history of computers, features and characteristics, computer generations, classification of computers, computers systems organization, computer peripherals, computer media. You also study the concept of computer hardware and software, the different kinds of software and the programming languages, language processors. In fundamental of computer you learn computer networking, telecommunication basics, the different applicaitons of computers such as in education, hospitals and so on, computer and data security systems, viruses, malwares and the prevention as well as recovery from them. Some advanced concepts like the software development life cycle or the system analysis and design, data flow diagram, database modelling also fall under fundamental of computers.

So, if you are looking for fundamental of computer PDF files to study on these topics, you will find this page useful. 

Computer Fundamental PDF

Computer Fundamental PDF FileThis pdf file about Comptuer Fundamental is compiled by Hemanta Baral of Stratford College London.

It starts with the definition of computer and the concepts of data and information to explain computer systems and the major parts of the computers. With awesome picutres of every devices in input unit, output unit, processing unit and the other devices of memory and storage, the fundamental of computer pdf file goes on to explain Software. 

There is a nice classification of software along with the examples of each type of software.

Similarly the pdf file contains the discussion on the types of computers based on principle, size and brand.

Finally the computer fundamental pdf presents three quiz sets. The first set contains 10 multiple choice questions. Second quiz has up to 20 MCQs and third quiz has up to 42 questions.

I will present the solution to those question in my next post if you are confused for any.

Click here » to download Fundamental of Computer PDF File

Fundamental of Computer PDF File for BCA Part - I

Fundamental of computer pdf BCA Part IThis is another useful PDF file about fundamental of computer but it is intended for the BCA (Bachelor's of Computer Application) students.

The PDF file do not contain any explanation text but rather the important questions and answers.

This file is created by Mr. Santosh Mishra, the Lecturer at Deptt. of Information Technology and Management, Biyani Girls College, Jaipur.

The book has been written keeping in mind the general weakness in understanding the fundamental concepts of the topics. The book is self-explanatory and adopts the “Teach Yourself” style. It is based on question-answer pattern. The language of book is quite easy and understandable based on scientific approach.


1. Computer Fundamentals 

2. Some Important Objective Questions 

3. Multiple Choice Answers

4. Assembly Language 

5. Operating System - DOS 

6. Operating System – Windows

7. Word Process Software – MS Word 

8. Spreadsheet Programme : MS Excel

9. DBMS : MS Access

10. Internet and Online Resource

11. Algorithm and Application Programming 

I hope this file will be help you to learn fundamental of computer.

Click here to download Fundamental of Computer for BCA Part - I

There is a nice eCourse on Fundamentals of Computers in ICT Trends. Please join the eCourse to learn the topic in depth. The eCourse offers you the exclusive online text book - most relevant and complete text, online MCQ Quiz - test if you learned it properly, User Question Forum - ask your confusion and doubts, Downloads - download the MCQ banks and notes for offline reading.

Following are a couple of pages from online text book:



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